Steve Roest
CEO of Sea Shepherd
Heads the organization against illegal whaling
Created by Paul Watson (Former Co-Founder of GreenPeace)

Jim Wiatt
Board member of AOL
Former Head and Founder of William Morris Agency

Marc Mathieu
Global Marketing Manager Unilver
Former Senior VP of Global Brand Marketing for Coca-Cola
Crafted the Manifesto for the Revival of an Icon, which drove the business turnaround
Championed Live Positively, Coke’s sustainability platform for water reclamation and plastic recycling

Mike Flynn
Co-Founder and COO of
Created the Opportunity Green Conference 2010
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, UCLA

Simon Mainwaring
Global Branding expert
Former Worldwide creative director for Ogilvy
Launched several Toyota Prius campaigns
Current Best Selling Author “We First”

Brad Hunter
Senior Vice President of Global Marketing
Heads US Marketing Team
Former Board Member- Ronald McDonald House

Dr.Richard Laton
Associate Professor of Hydrogeology
Department of Geological Sciences
California State University, Fullerton