My BlueEarth;
Eco-Consumer Products Made Easy

MyBlueEarth (“MBE”) develops affordable, environmental “Products” designed to help consumers easily make a positive impact on the environment without a financial burden.

Our Mission is to create a new type of product that aligns to four “E’s”:

• Environmental: Saves Water, Plastic, Power, Pollution, and Money

• Economical: Cost under $20

• Easy: Takes less than 60 seconds to implement, and don’t change habits

• Educational: Teaches aspects of the environment

Our first product “the DropBox” is a water conservation device this simply “drops in” the tank of a toilet and can immediately start saving water and money, while also reducing plastic and pollution matter from the environment.

This narrated PowerPoint will give you an overview of the company, and first product, and the truly simple solutions which can make an immediate and tremendously positive impact on the environment.

Mailing Address

9601 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1199
Beverly Hills, CA 90120