Product Introduction

Product Goals

My Blue Earth wants to create products that help consumers save money and benefit the environment

The impacts of Climate Change are an ever present force.

Both Companies and Consumers are looking for ways to contribute to a positive environmental impact.

Amazingly, there are a dearth of simple products that are available for both Companies and Consumers that are easy, economical, and effective.

Here’s a quick quiz:

Imaging you had to buy a present for a 12 year old kid who loves the environment.

What is the first product that comes to mind that does the following:

Saves Water, Plastic, Power, Pollution and Money.

In less than 60 seconds.

Costs under $20

And you never change your habits or patterns

Anything come to mind? I personally find that fascinating….and a TREMENDOUS opportunity.

Mailing Address

9601 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1199
Beverly Hills, CA 90120