The 4 E’s

For a “green” product to be successful it needs to cover what we call the “4 E’s.”

First, the Environmental impact of using the product has to be real. With My Blue Earth users will begin saving water in less than a minute.

Next, the product has to make an Emotional impact, meaning that using it makes people feel good. And saving water with My Blue Earth does feel good.

My Blue Earth is Economical because the initial cost is very reasonable and it will save money over the useful life of the product.

Finally the use of My Blue Earth will promote the overall exposure of the green movement and create an eco Educational opportunity for children and their parents.

This will be accomplished through creative marketing and our overall corporate commitment to giving back.

In the end, My Blue Earth gets an “A” for each of the ” 4 E’s.”

Mailing Address

9601 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1199
Beverly Hills, CA 90120