If you could change the world, in under a minute, would you?

Stephen Meade

Why My Blue Earth?

My Blue Earth makes it easy to conserve thousands of gallons of water a year for the consumer.

Organization provides a simple, scalable solution with the potential to make an immediate impact for the environment. Products will be reasonably priced and easy to install. In addition, the manufacturing for all products will increase the use of recycled plastic and inspire other new products to be manufactured from recycled plastic as well.

My Blue Earth will provide a tremendous opportunity for sponsors to attach themselves to a vital global initiative. Our Corporate Launch Partners are already planning to use My Blue Earth to launch their own water conservation campaigns that will help educate families about the things they can do right now that can make a significant impact.

Why Conserve Water?

  • Scarce commodity
  • Global drought and shortages
  • Plastic the worst offender vital for human survival

 What Can My BlueEarth Do for You?

  • Helps conserve water
  • Easy, cheap and effective for consumers to use
  • Inspiration, Education and Charitable Involvement

 *Source: The Daily Green – Nature Deficit Disorder **Understanding Environmental Literacy in America Kevin J. Coyle, J.D. President, National Environmental Education & Training Foundation May 2004

Mailing Address

9601 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1199
Beverly Hills, CA 90120