With My Blue Earth it is so easy to conserve thousands of gallons of water a year, you’ll want to tell everyone.

It’s inexpensive to buy, sets up in less than a minute and creates an opportunity for each person in your home to make a positive environmental statement. You and your family can now feel good knowing you are doing something important for the planet.
MyBlueEarth is a simple, scalable solution with the potential to make an immediate impact. For consumers it will be reasonably priced, and easy to install but it will save water with every flush adding up to the savings of billions of gallons of water every year. In addition, the manufacturing of the product will increase the use of recycled plastic and inspire other new products to be manufactured from recycled plastic as well. It will also create an avenue for further education about the conservation of water and our other precious natural resources.

And there will be a tremendous opportunity for sponsors to attach themselves to a vital global initiative. Our Corporate Launch Partners are already planning to use My Blue Earth to launch their own water conservation campaigns that will help educate children and their parents about the things they can do right now that can make a significant impact on the preservation of our precious natural resources.

Why Water ?

  • It is a Scarce Commodity- Drought and Shortages
  • Being wasted- Flushing the Toilet
  • Being polluted- Plastic the worst offender
  • Vital for Human Survival

Why BlueEarth ?

  • Helps conserve water… cheaply, easily
  • Consumers save money and feel good
  • Provides Educational inspiration and Charity involvement
  • Encourages consumers to reduce use of plastics and recycle
  • Pulls plastic out of circulation and reuses it

*Source: The Daily Green – Nature Deficit Disorder **Understanding Environmental Literacy in America Kevin J. Coyle, J.D. President, National Environmental Education & Training Foundation May 2004